Owning Your Financial Future is what people are really asking for when they vote, when they clap and praise when they witness History as done when we witnessed the First Black President and First Black First Lady combined.  What I witnessed was "IMPOSSIBLE IS NOT A FACT" ~ A former colleague of the Fannie Mae Foundation (James "Jim" H. Carr) met yesterday, Tuesday, May 3, 2017, exactly 1p.m at Coastal Flats, Tyson Corner Center, 1961 Chain Bridge Road, Tysons Corner, Virginia  22102.  This meeting took place because I utilized the same TECHNOLOGY I know he uses that made him "ONE OF THE SMARTEST AND KINDEST MAN ON EARTH" as it relates to "PEOPLE and RESEARCH" ~ I have never wrote these words except for "JESUS" ~ who "NO MAN IS NOT WORTHY TO TOUCH NOR COME CLOSE TO JESUS ."  I used our great "TECHNOLOGY" to reach Jim.  I was able to "CAPTURE" Jim through "TECHNOLOGY".  I reached out to Jim on Saturday evening thinking I was going to get a feedback in a month or beyond like the norm.   Suddenly, a response back reached me from Jim and we were on the phone the next day (Sunday).  I was not sure if the Lord was blessing me this Sunday since I was at home and not in a sanctuary ~ the Lord reminded me that we are the Church.   Jim and I talked the next day and he asked if the next day would work to have a discussion and I immediately confirmed and was ready.  Jim committed to following up in WRITING to confirm meeting, place, time.  When I got the WRITTEN RESPONSE the meeting date was changed to TUESDAY.   That was pretty cool, Jim tested to see if I could "UNDERSTAND" his "ORAL" with follow-up with his "WRITTEN" communication so that he can do his initial ASSESSMENT of my ''SWOT". 

For all you "CHESS PLAYERS" ~ You have to be prepared to get on the board if you ever sit down 1:1 with a "Jim Carr" ~ I was forced to RESEARCH and spent at least 1 1/2 hours studying this powerful video of  Jim speaking to the National Fair Housing Alliance (NFHA) at the Hyatt Regency in Washington DC and received a great honor from NFHA ~ "A Zip Code Should Not Determine A Child's Future" ~ I want to expose this video "Jim Carr Keynote NFHA" - "FLOAT LIKE A BUTTERFLY STING LIKE A BEE I THOUGHT  JIM CARR KNOCKED OUT ALI" - tell me what you think ~

Mark A. Johnson, Sr.


Advocacy that supports the Disadvantage and Injured Human Population and connecting their "voice"

Dear Readers:


This website was developed today, Wednesday, May 3, 2017, as a result of my discussion with "Jim" who did not advise me to get a website.  Jim also did not know that I HAD NO WEBSITE.  You might say "IMPOSSIBLE" ~ "Impossible is not a fact; it is an opinion; it is not a declaration; it is a dare; it is a potential; it is temporary; it does not exist; it just simply happens to be the puzzle we yet to solve.  Our focus should be on "LOOK AT WHAT WE SHOULD BE DOING" and "NOT WHAT WE DONE" ~ I'll share what that mean if we ever chat. 


Stay tune!!

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