Charles W. Forman


Horace & Dickies Seafood

Growing-up we were taught not to call our grandpa "grandpa" ~ when I see grandpa I would ask "grandpa" why do you want us to call you "Horace"? and he would look at me strange and smile.  I use to hear my brothers call grandpa "Horace" and was very confused as to why.  I was very shy and still am, but people can't tell.  I always watch people because their true colors reveals itself when they get comfortable.  I was the child for some odd reason getting the worse chastisement and never understood because I was the child who asked the most questions and observe the answers on right or wrong.


Grandpa would always give us money and my brothers would say "thanks Horace" and I would say "thanks grandpa".  He would give me that look and when no one was looking he would give me extra money and smile.  When he passed I was able to obtain my baby picture.  He was the only person who obtained it.  My dad never saw his dad ~ when growing up 1965 Horace assisted mom and dad with down payment on house in Seat Pleasant (Crown Street); and in 1967 they relocated to Peppermill Village where dad relocated ~ during those times I use to ask curious questions like where is my dad's father and for some odd reason I would get in trouble for asking.  I would always bring up family out of curiosity and at the age of 10 dad was missing.  I would ask mom where is dad and she would dodge the question and play music and the one she played to help me rest was "Daddy's Home to Stay" -  I had t realize that I was only left with 1 (one) grandpa; 1 single mom; and a distance dad.

In the early 90's I came to the Fannie Mae Foundation during their start-up and sat in Peter Beard's cubicle as a Temporary Employee of Norell Services.  Phyllis Boyd-Downey was my representative who kept me on assignments.  Very articulate person who helped many people stay in the workforce on temporary assignments.  I started out in the mailroom, greeting customers, and was being watched by Mr. Kevin Smith who was responsible for the Finance.  I shared with Kevin that I had some computer skills and that I also was a temporary employee that RELOCATED 4 buildings of MCI buildings in Pentagon City that was without error.  All furniture, boxes, and merchandise were packed, tagged, relocated, validated, and reported at a high level by the tenants.  Kevin Smith hired me as Fannie Mae Foundation full-time staff.  On Thursday, December 17,1998, 4:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. at the Washington Hilton and Towers "1998 Reach for the Stars Awards" ~ The Chairman's Community Service Achievement Award recognizes a Fannie Mae Foundation individual or team of individuals whose exemplary work performance consistently demonstrates a commitment to the Foundation's  guiding principles and exemplary performance that is over and above established performance measures.  Two-way-tie (Mark Johnson, Senior Administrator, Office Operations and Logistics; and Sharonda Bristow, Manager, Community Service).  Here is what they wrote: "No one exemplifies quality service at the Fannie Mae Foundation better than Mark.  He demonstrates his dedication to quality customer service by consistently delivering courteous, prompt, and solution-oriented service.  Most importantly, Mark works proactively.  He is always looking for ways to improve the Foundation's operations and to help others be more productive.  He demonstrates his leadership skills by making things happen."


Now readers, I was not aware of this honor and when I read what was said in those days I had to take some time to look up lots of those words to see what they meant.  The reader could probably laugh but I was the person that understood how to create databases and created Fannie Mae Foundation Administration and Operations Technology System where we operated under.  They helped me understand what behaviors was important and I applied that with my future workforce lifestyle.  I have to give honor to the Leaders that helped and provided me with an opportunity to help build skills they invested dollars that led to outcomes:  Mr. Kevin P. Smith; Mr. James ("Jim") H. Carr; and Mr. Glen S. Howard.  Later joined Fannie Mae Foundation who inspired and had a positive impact on my life were Ms. Stacey D. Stewart; and Mr. Andrew P. Plepler.

Prince George's County

2008-2009 - Senior Job Developer - Unemployed

MOA was created from my experience as a Senor Job Developer with the responsibility of matching Prince George's County unemployed workers to employers.  The State of Maryland reported that Prince George's County employment rating was 23rd (amongst 24 Counties) and later reported 2nd in the Stated under this leadership.  In 2011 MOA Enterprises Inc. was formed and later CB-17-2011 led Jobs 1st Act ishared to the Honorable Mel Franklin who Introduced the bill and later a County Certification Program appeared after we called a meeting suggesting the County should be the 1st to introduce it.  Was unknown  BDRP was shown to MOA whereby we were picked to participate; an CB-74-2016 "Local Economic Opportunity and Employment" enacted.  All applause given to the Local Executive and Council Leaders.  In closing, We're working with "injuries groups" ~ RECOVERY ~ ECONOMICS ~ EDUCATION ~ EQUITY ~ BELIEVE IN CHANGE ~ HONEST GOVERNMENT ~ LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL HUMANS ~

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